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Socrates Kiosk

Socrates Kiosk is the patient self-check-in system you have been waiting for that plugs directly into Socrates GP or Primary Care Teams Edition. Using revolutionary touch screen technology, patients can check themselves in for an appointment without the need for any staff intervention.

Available as a standalone All in One pc or on a wall mountable touch screen, Socrates Kiosk is available today to reduce waiting rooms and free up administration staff to focus on administration and more business orientated activities. Socrates Kiosk also allows you to customize the artwork or colour scheme to closely fit your practice/business branding.

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  • Completely touch (finger) driven interface
  • Designed for accessibility and simplicity of use for all patients
  • Supports multiple waiting rooms clinics with Socrates GP or Socrates PCT Editions Primary Care
  • Customisable to your practice/company banding
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support available daily from 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Uses the ‘Windows Presentation Framework’ for an enhanced user interface experience Using ‘Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0’ technology



  • Designed for anyone to use first time
  • Streamlined interface
  • Supports multi-touch or “Touch” compliant Windows 7 Touchscreens
  • Customizable to your branding
  • Built on award winning Microsoft.Net Technology

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