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What is Socrates Scan Importer? 

The Socrates Scan Importer is a quick and easy way to import patient files, scanned and indexed by a specialist scanning company, into Socrates GP or Socrates Consultant.

How does it work? 

With written consent from the practice a specialist scanning company takes temporary possession of hard copies of patient files. They scan and index each file to PDF format and return them, along with the original hard copies, to the practice a few days later. The Socrates Scan Importer reads the naming convention of each PDF file and automatically saves them to the corresponding patient file in Socrates.

A license for the Socrates Scan Importer is available for single once-off imports, for example a large bulk import of patient files, or a recurring annual license can be installed whereby the Socrates Scan Importer can be used by the practice as often as necessary.


Click below to watch a short demo of the Socrates Scan Importer working in Socrates GP

For more information, or to purchase a license of the Socrates Scan Importer, please contact our Sales Team on 071-9193600 or email

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