Socrates is present in over 600 GP Practices, Consultant Clinics and Primary Care Centres in Ireland providing a wide range of cutting-edge products and personally tailored services.

Socrates Kiosk

Socrates Kiosk is the patient self-check-in system you have been waiting for that plugs directly into Socrates GP or Primary Care Teams Edition. Using revolutionary touch screen technology, patients can check themselves in for an appointment without the need for any staff intervention.

Available as a standalone All in One PC or on a wall-mountable touch screen, Socrates Kiosk is available today to reduce waiting rooms and free up administration staff to focus on administration and more business orientated activities. Socrates Kiosk also allows you to customise the artwork or colour scheme to closely fit your practice/business branding.

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Socrates Healthcare Backup and Anti-Virus Products

  • Keep it safe  Software for Socrates provides a fully managed & monitored online backup solution
  • NOD32 Antivirus Software proactively detects & eliminates more internet threats than any other programme available
  • Socrates can now cater for all your Hardware & Software needs. Browse our full range of solutions here
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Socrates Primary Care

Supporting your multi-disciplinary team, Socrates Practice Management software provides a fully integrated solution for Primary Care Centres in Ireland.

Since 2010, we have become the partner of choice for many of Ireland’s newest Primary Care Centres, where our experienced team have managed complex set-ups for multi-disciplinary practice teams. Our solutions include:

  • Socrates GP Edition
  • Occupational Health Module
  • Promed Device Integration
  • Hibernia Device Integration
  • Vitalograph Device Integration
  • Numed Device Integration
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Socrates Scan Importer

The Socrates Scan Importer is a quick and easy way to import patient files, scanned and indexed by a specialist scanning company, into Socrates GP or Socrates Consultant.

With written consent from the practice, a specialist scanning company takes temporary possession of hard copies of patient files. They scan and index each file to PDF format and return them, along with the original hard copies, to the practice a few days later. The Socrates Scan Importer reads the naming convention of each PDF file and automatically saves them to the corresponding patient file in Socrates.

A license for the Socrates Scan Importer is available for single one-off imports, for example, a large bulk import of patient files or a recurring annual license can be installed whereby the Socrates Scan Importer can be used by the practice as often as necessary.

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